Let's Work Together to Preserve the Best of Leelanau County

Welcome.  My goal with this site is to help citizens engage with the issues that face the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners.

After a long career in the education sector of public service, it's been my experience that more dialogue is better.  I firmly believe that the more voices we hear, the better decisions we are likely to make in the best interests of our constituents, the residents and voters of Leelanau County.

That's why I hope you will share your thoughts with me in constructive and civil conversations about any matter of public importance that comes before the county commission.  We may disagree, and that's fine.  The important thing is that we hear from citizens whose input is too rarely heard.

I invite your comments on my blog, where I write about current issues.  You can also email me or submit your comments using the convenient form on the Contact page.

Whatever method you choose, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about how we can continue to maintain the best of our county government and our quality of life in this great County of Leelanau.