What do you believe the county must do to support jobs, business growth, and planned growth?

I believe that the County Commission has lacked leadership, vision and planning relative to economic development and that these actions have cost our county significant dollars in small business start-up funds, loans, grants and business support. Because our county chose to withdraw from a process of long-range planning and cooperative partnerships, we left opportunities behind.

Economic development happens through planning, community partnerships, talent development, favorable tax structures and business development. Because the Commission failed to address these prerequisites we lost opportunities for both local and regional initiatives.     

What have you tried to do (and will you do) to help businesses create jobs in Leelanau County?

I will bring a commitment to work with community and regional partners to develop an entrepreneurial culture and business-friendly climate of innovation, technology, collaboration and business start-up assistance.  I would look for ways to:

  • Support workforce development and education
  • Work with regional partners to attract community investments 
  • Pursue and promote renewable energy investments to create businesses and jobs  
  • Expand infrastructure that supports small businesses
  • Identify and support regional assets that serve to promote or create businesses and jobs