Why are you running for office?

I have enjoyed my first term as County Commissioner and thank the voters that gave me an opportunity to serve. I seek re-election so that we can continue with some of our efforts that have failed because of partisan and philosophical differences on the role of County government.

I would appreciate support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents so that we can continue to move forward on critical issues related to community partnerships, housing, economic development, environmental protection, changing County demographics, and support for young families and seniors.

What are your top three priorities?

My top three priorities are responsible fiscal management; housing and economic development; and support for families and seniors.

What is the most pressing issue for this office?

We must move away from argument and debate and work to develop a culture of civility, dialogue and responsible decision-making to represent all residents. Other pressing issues include the changing demographics of Leelanau County, community partnerships, and work force housing and support for our county's economic development. Rejecting proposals is easy; real solutions require accepting responsibility, teamwork, creativity, collaboration and community action. While appreciating our County's many assets and advantages, we must address our County's challenges and preserve and protect what makes us very special.