What do you think about the politics of water quality and water rights as the state and country grapple with the growing awareness of these issues?

We must protect what makes our county a wonderful place to live, raise a family and retire.  We must also understand that water quality is a part of what makes Leelanau County such a popular tourist destination and we are fortunate to have the Leelanau Conservancy working to conserve our county’s land, water and scenic resources.  

I support the mission of Leelanau Clean Water "to protect, restore and sustain water resources, promote public awareness of its environmental and economic importance, and provide accurate information to assist public participation in water resources decisions."  Leelanau County, in partnership with the 20 plus organizations that are a part of Leelanau Clean Water, must work to educate the public, protect water quality and promote wise practices.  We must also work with other governmental bodies to promote incentives for septic tank inspection, responsible pesticide and chemical use, and continue to promote a real appreciation of, and sense of responsibility for, our beautiful peninsula.